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Adobe Inc.
Internship ; 6 mos
Graduation Project

Research on Design System Management

During the course of the internship, I was lucky to work with the team handling designs of the latest application in Adobe. A major focus was on research and implementation of a design system related feature within this application.

1. 300+ iterations of designs on the topic

2. Some suggestions were included in later releases

3. Suggested a seamless way to include design system 

4. Gained a deep understanding of design system creation & maintenance

Time Frame 

6 mos


Project Outline

More details regarding the internship cannot be disclosed as the project is still under an NDA. All in all, it was a great experience to be a part of an energetic, creative team that builds worlds leading softwares. 


Being in that team made me realize how well I need to transform as a designer in the field of UI/UX, My mentors taught me how important it is to re-iterate relentlessly on certain thoughts to churn out the best experience.


Overall Experience

Being at Adobe was fun!. Work and leisure always used to go hand in hand and you never get bored of being there!


There were other interns in UX and we really bonded over time and had beautiful discussions on work and other subjects throughout our time there. Adobe is a great place to pursue an internship as you have really good mentors to reach out to. 

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