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Full-time ; 1 yr  9 mos
2019 - 2021
Company Projects

Managing users effectively 

UMS was handled from the backend till 2020. Bringing all the features upfront and making it as intuitive as possible for new users to onboard quickly was the challenge. 

• Simplified existing data with the new hierarchy

• User management maintenance time reduced

• Easily Add/Delete User Roles & Permissions; Users; Companies

• Intuitive UI to onboard new users without training

Time Frame 

1 Sprint; 2 Weeks

Bizongo UMS
Bizongo QC

Quality check made easy!

The aim was to reduce the warehouse cost. After research, it was clear that inefficiency in the Inward QC process was costing the company both time and money. The idea was to revamp the existing DCMS structure and help executives to complete QC faster.    

• Increased efficiency of QC executives by 70%

• Modified existing QC processes to fit in the real scenario

• Reduced Warehouse cost + Increased efficiency

Time Frame 

2 Sprints; 4 Weeks


Seamless approval workflow creation

Artwork Flow is an artwork approval management tool by Bizongo. One of its core features is the workflow setup, where we have divided each approval task into stages. As the product has evolved organically, the current UI had to change inorder to make it more intuitive and user-friendly.  

• Reduced time in setting up workflows up to 60%

• Drag/Drop feature enables easy creation 

• Visibility of stage settings upfront

• Better scalability

Time Frame 

1 Sprint; 2 Weeks


Modular contract / T&C creation

Bizongo deals with more than hundreds of clients. It is important to have contracts between them to safeguard both Bizongo's and client's interests. A very unique way to create contracts customized for each client with the least effort.

• One-stop customized contract creation

• Tracking and maintaining all contracts

• Ability to build a contract from scratch

• Signoff feature on all new contracts.

Time Frame 

1 Sprint; 2 Weeks

Bizongo E-Com

Making PPE kits accessible to fight a pandemic

We were also doing our part in fighting the pandemic by procuring PPE Kits and other resources and selling them in bulk by creating a dedicated E-com portal. The challenge was to create an end to end flow by bringing the experience of a B2C portal meanwhile addressing the complexities of a B2B business.

• Sold crores worth of PPE Kits

• Compressed complex B2B flows 

• Accessibility and easy to browse

• Giving knowledge on CoVID 19 resources.

Time Frame 

2 Sprint; 4 Weeks


Managing and updating design system

As we derived our code and design from Ant Design System, we have modified them to fit our use-cases. I have created major component documentation, researches regarding the best design elements to use, along with illustrations for our Design System.

• Reduced feature development time >=50%

• Designer onboarding time reduced drastically 

• Created consistency across products

• Forecasted and included latest design trends

• Made a B2B platform more user-friendly.

Time Frame 

Over 1 yr


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