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DoD, Indian Insititute of Technology, Guwahati
2 mos ; 2017
Summer Internship

Branding & marketing of 'Chikn'

Department of Design, IIT Guwahati takes up works that can empower local farmers to tap the tier 1 market. In one such project, I was asked to create the end to end branding and business ecosystem for the local poultry farms 

• Understood guidelines of branding

• Created end to end branding and online solution 

• Set up a new business ecosystem for the  local poultry farms

• E-com solutions were suggested.

Time Frame 

2 mos

Artboard – 2.png

Project outline

Branding was a new area of opportunity as I had only experience with Industrial design projects. This project made me realize the effort and understanding of form, space, structure, and color in order to create the logo,  and the entire branding.

As to create a synergy of elements across prints and online media, I had to create a pattern library. Moreover, this project opened my eyes to set up a business ecosystem that can make a business more profitable.


The basic structure of Chikn E-com website.


Logo creation

As the farmers dealth with both Chicken and Egg as products, tey wanted a logo which conveyed the same also highlighting Assam valley.



Marketing tools

As there were multiple competitors, good marketing proved a great path for brand recognition locally and within tier 1 cities. The tools consisted of, billboards, pamphlets, posters, awareness campaigns. I had created a variety of posters for the same. 


Poster 4-01.jpg
Poster 3-01.jpg
POSTER 2-01.jpg

Other explorations

Here I have addressed smart packaging techniques, outlet design and other poster explorations.

As the price per packaging was a major concerning factor, we thought of handling packaging consistency using stickers.The sticker overlaps over the package and seals the package. This helps the package tamper-proof and also acts as a packaging medium.


chikn outlet.61.jpg

Overall Impact

As the project was for 2 mos, we had provided adequate explorations regarding the same to the farmers.  The society green flagged the project and the project was set to see light within a year.



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