National Institute of Design, Andhra Pradesh
B.Des ; 4 yrs 
2015 - 2019
Major Works

Tesla Dealership Management System 

As a design challenge, I was given the brief of researching and ideation a dealership solution for Tesla when they come to India

• End to end research on dealership management

• 100% order visibility for clients

• Ease of inter-team networking 

• Effectively managing order spec changes in realtime

Time Frame 

2 Weeks


Safeguarding Auto-Rickshaw Drivers!

Eradicate a major health issue that you see around you. This was the brief and Air pollution affecting auto-rickshaw drivers causing long-term illnesses was my focus area.

• Users 75-90% more safer from primary pollution 

• Users are earning 10% more than they used to

• Better understanding of daily business

• Potential to grow as a major business model

Time Frame 

2 mos


Playful speakers for Visually Impaired

Making daily products inclusive was the intent. Speakers are the products I chose as they are a go to device for most visually impared users.

• Signature body volume control

• Product's affordances includes people with other disabilities too.

• Empathizing the minorities to design better

• First cut on HMI (Human Machine Interaction)

Time Frame 

1 mos