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Building a B2B E-Com Marketplace from Scratch: UX Case Study

We were also doing our part in fighting the pandemic by procuring PPE Kits and other resources and selling them in bulk by creating a dedicated E-com portal. The challenge was to create an end-to-end flow by bringing the experience of a B2C portal while addressing the complexities of a B2B business.

• Sold crores worth of PPE Kits

• Compressed complex B2B flows 

• Accessibility and easy to browse

• Giving knowledge on CoVID 19 resources.

Time Frame 

2 Sprint; 4 Weeks


The COVID-19 pandemic hit the entire market by shock. Similarly, Bizongo's business stalled as buyers were backing out. This is also when a huge demand for PPE kits hits the market. Scooping up an opportunity to save itself, Bizongo dived into an E-Com solution to market its own PPE under the banner 'ShieldWise'. We had to create a platform in record time.  


Understanding Requirements

We As we just had 4 weeks to build this platform, Research, Analysis, Iterations, Testing happened within 2 weeks. To design for the long term, we had to understand the requirements to the point.

Group 36.png

" Researching concluded on not to re-invent the wheel. But to modify the wheel for our purposes!"

Understanding Competitors

Competitors for Bizongo were B2B online marketplaces. Our idea was to be an edge above them.

"Understanding our competitors up close helped us find the direction and changes required to create our own B2B marketplace."

Creating Task Flows

First step was to translate ideas into meaningful tasks from experiences learnt and experiences though about.

Group 57.png

"After v1, We had to rework on the key-path flow as we were giving direct payment options. This would be a gamechanger wrt what our competitors provide."

Task Flows - v2

Artboard – 1.png

"Adding tasks were easy, But executing a fool proof bussiness model was challenging."

Creating delivery experience packed a lot of challenges as we were trying to compact what Bizongo provided through 3 different platforms

into one online experience.

Partner Side Transparency : Client understands limitations and work split of partner. This enhances experience during the order wait period

Stocking Requests: No client wants the entire order in full. They tend to pr-order and we have to fullfill according to their timelines.

Transport Network: Understanding that 1 client has multiple delivery locations and client should be flexible in choosing delivery options.

Payments : Payments in full or On warehouse client delivery was a thought point and it needed to fit our Business model.

Although we had many edge case scenarios, we also ahd to makethe experience that would fit a smaller client as well. We had options to book from 500 quantities. So smaller quantity and one location delivery experience should not be affected.

Other Major Flows

Artboard – 2.png

User Interface

It was a challenging 4 weeks for rigerous iterations. Ketaki Meshram was my Co-designer who looked into payment and tracking features.


"Majorly our user base used desktops for purchase and creating this E-com platform helped Bizongo to sell crores worth of PPE faster than anticipated"

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